Who or What Is Your Idol?

First of all, let me give props to Pastor Perry Noble of Newspring Church for inspiring these  thoughts in THIS POST.

I prayed a prayer this morning, a dangerous prayer. I prayed for the Lord to destroy me. Destroy every part of me that does not line up to His will and purpose. Destroy every idea that I have about Him that isn’t true. I want Him to trash the box I have put Him in so that He can show me who He really is.

Immediately after praying that prayer, He led me to Ezekiel 20. It talks about the children of Israel serving other gods all the while still making offerings to God himself. God would not play second fiddle to any of these false gods that Israel was depending on. So He in essence told them (My shortened translation), “I’m not going to answer your prayers as long as you keep defiling yourself. You have wondered to all kinds of places that I never intended for you to go. But I love you enough to gather you into the wilderness (or the dry places) to plead with you face to face; so then you will follow after me and I shall show you your purpose.”

So who or what is your idol today? Is it money? Let God destroy it! Is it your own plans, goals, and ambitions? Let God destroy them! Have you been trying to build your own kingdom rather than His? Let God destroy it! Whatever it is, its not worth holding onto. Your heavenly Father can do more than it ever could. He cares about you more than it ever will. I challenge you today to begin to pray this prayer with me, and let’s see how the Lord begins to move  in our lives, completely unhindered by false gods that we have erected and secretly pledged our allegiance to.


About Chris Stevens

I'm an Elementary Principal, husband, father of three, and an imperfect follower of Christ. I have eight years experience at the Jr-Sr High level and 14 years experience speaking at various churches.
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5 Responses to Who or What Is Your Idol?

  1. UofKWldCatFan@aol.com says:

    Wow! I needed to hear this today! I sent you an email yesterday on your school email. I need a better way to reach you now that school is out!

  2. Rhonda Roach says:

    This is so very true if everyone could truly belive like this!I really enjoy reading your blogs!Congrats on your new position at School!Thats great!

    • stevensc says:

      Rhonda!!! It’s so great to hear from you! I’m very flattered that you, or anyone for that matter, would take the time to read some of the things God has been teaching me. My prayer is that some of these ramblings help someone. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Jason Underhill says:

    Great blog Pastor Chris. It takes great courage to pray a prayer like that. One may fear that all of his endeavors in life are really not what God would have them do. If a person has went full steam ahead into a task and found out God isn’t in it, that would be heart wrenching. That is a huge fear of mine

    • stevensc says:

      Thanks for the comment Jason. I completely understand the fear of waking up one day to realize that you’ve been working in the wrong direction. I’ve personally been there and its never a comfortable experience but a necessary one. However, I also believe that NO EXPERIENCE is ever wasted with God. Time and time again, he has used my screw-ups to glorify himself. So many people worry and stress over DOING THE THINGS that God would have them do. While that is important, all that is secondary to DOING THINGS IN THE RIGHT HEART. If God can change a person’s heart, their actions will soon begin to change as a result. But if the heart is still corrupt, then doing good things would throw that person into the same category as the Pharasees and Saducees that Jesus fought so hard against.

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