Your Best Preaching Is When…

 quiet I'm thinking by Grant MacDonald.

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Today, we’ll be finishing out this series that has been inspired by John 6-7.

How did Jesus know what to preach?  All preachers stress over this.  Some spend hours seeking God, reading commentaries, listening to their favorite preachers (and sometimes preaching it verbatim).  How did Jesus know when to preach?  Did he accept every offer to come give a sermon?  Did he always start preaching at supper time?  Lastly, how did Jesus know HOW to preach?  All preacher struggle trying to find their own style.  Usually, this means trying to mimick their favorite TV or radio personality.


Your best preaching comes when you understand the will of the Father for your life.  I understand that this post may shake many preachers up.  But I also believe that if we were brutally honest with ourself, our messages tend to be mediocre…not because we don’t study enough…not because we’re not knowlegeable.  But because we’re not set on fire.

Anyone can drive a car, but after so long, the end destination becomes important.  Many pastors are leading their churches, but don’t know where they’re going.  Many preachers are preaching a capricorn of messages throughout the year, but have to real sense of purpose when they deliver their messages.

Some of you will be fine with mediocrity.  You’ll keep preaching and sticking to your day-planner because the risk of getting in the genuine presence of God and hearing his voice may be too risky.  It will almost certainly mess up whatever plans you have made thus far.  You have the hot coals still glowing in your spirit.  But you need the breath, the infallable word from a holy, creator-God to blow on it and ignite a fire so that your life can accomplish all that God intended.

Jesus got his answers in the wilderness.  Noah faced persecution.  Moses disappeard from the spotlight for 40 years.  Abraham packed up his family just to follow God without knowing where.  Peter had to look Jesus in the eyes after denying that he even knew who he was.  These were all life changing, not because of the harshness of their circumstance, but because this was where these men heard the voice of the Father.

If you’re ready to begin your best years in preaching, then prepare your heart first.  A dry desert is coming your way…but the Father will meet you there!


About Chris Stevens

I'm an Elementary Principal, husband, father of three, and an imperfect follower of Christ. I have eight years experience at the Jr-Sr High level and 14 years experience speaking at various churches.
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One Response to Your Best Preaching Is When…

  1. Caleb & Sol says:

    Focus Your Sermon
    Keep Sermons Simple
    Shocking Statements

    That is really good, simple advice. Thank you brother!


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