Living A Peace-Filled Life

John 1:32  “And John bare record, saying, ‘I saw the Spirit descending from heaven like a dove, and it abode upon him.”

Yesterday in my quiet time, the Lord really spoke to me concerning this passage.  Because of this verse, many have associated the Holy Spirit with a dove.  As a matter of fact, some believe that John literally saw a dove flutter down from the sky and rest on Jesus.  However, that is not what this is referring to.

John sensed the presence of the Holy Spirit once Jesus was baptized.  Why?  Wasn’t Jesus already the Son of God?  Wouldn’t He be carrying around the tangible presence of the Holy Spirit all the time?  Here’s what the Holy Spirit revealed to me…

It was a Spirit of peace that rested upon Jesus.  Doves are the universal sign of peace.  But why did this Spirit of peace choose to rest upon Jesus here and now?

The peaceful nature of the Spirit comes by being obedient to His voice.

During times of great decision, stress begins to mount and anxiety begins to grip us so intensely that it can distract us from the voice of the Spirit, or scare us into indecision.  God may be telling us one thing, but the pressures of what COULD happen make us move in the other direction.  Sometimes we become so scared of messing up that we choose to make no choice rather than make the wrong one.  Neither way will bring lasting peace.

  1. The first thing you must do is get alone with God.  Hear what the Holy Spirit is telling you to do.  At times, it may seem like everything “natural” is screaming the opposite.  But in truth, you do not always know what the Holy Spirit has been doing behind the scenes to already plow the way for you.  Turn off the TV and radio.  Shut the phone off for a day.  And even though I love you reading this blog, take a break from the internet.  Get alone with God…Just you, Him, a Bible, a pad of paper, and a pen.  Fast for a few hours while you seek Him.
  2. Let Him Talk.  Spend some time loving Him and just let Him talk about whatever He wants to talk about.  In the quiet, allow Him to talk about whatever He wants.  The Bible says that He already knows your thoughts and your needs.  He is certainly aware of your situation.  However, the reason you may not be getting the answer is because you continue asking the wrong questions.  I’ve made this mistake many times.  But when I let Him say what He wants to say, He always ends up answering the right questions.
  3. Follow Through.  WHATEVER He says, do it.  No matter how big the risk, He will not allow you to fall.  That same peace that rested on Jesus the day He was obedient to the Father and got baptized, will rest upon you…AND REMAIN THERE.

As I write this post, I pray that you will make time this season to hear His voice, and be obedient.  You can’t put a price tag on peace that surpasses all understanding.  THAT IS GOD’S GIFT TO YOU!


About Chris Stevens

I'm an Elementary Principal, husband, father of three, and an imperfect follower of Christ. I have eight years experience at the Jr-Sr High level and 14 years experience speaking at various churches.
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2 Responses to Living A Peace-Filled Life

  1. Stacy Lilly says:

    If only more than 66 people could read about this.

  2. Ridho says:

    i saw this on tv today thank you for this network it bleessd my family and my family is a family of brokeness and today yo bleessd my family i am the only follower of christ in my family and today was a huge step for my family to seek god my mom really enjoyed it and so did i so thank you very much. i was choking up at the end when you were talking about his forgiveness in the blood of jesus god bless you all so much!!!

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