Biblically BALANCING Your Life

  I got to meet Keith Meece at SONIC in French Lick yesterday.  Keith is an amazing guy that I’ve been able to lean on for ministry advice for years now.  He was instrumental in taking ACC from 250 to 1100 people in five years.

I appreciate the chance to talk to him because he’s always stretching me.  There are some things that really stick out to me as a minister.  It is relevant to everyone, but especially those in vocatinal ministry because there have been many of us guilty of preaching balance while doing it only in theory and not in practice.  Keith is there to keep me accountable in living a biblically balanced life.

1.  Just have some time everyday being a child of God.  There is nothing more peaceful, nothing more energizing and restoring than spending time with your heavenly Father.  This is not sermon-prep time, not program planning, nor is it time to check and return emails.  It is a time dedicated to Him so that He can help you become a better follower of Christ.  This is your personal walk with God.  YOU HAVE TO HAVE IT TO HAVE AN AUTHENTIC MINISTRY!!!

2.  Spend AT LEAST one day a month dating your spouse.  Make this the first thing you schedule each month.  EVERYTHING ELSE CAN BE SCHEDULED AROUND THIS!!!  Go out…Stay in….It doesn’t really matter, but get someone else to watch the kids.  It’s an investment that will pay you BIG TIME!

3.  Your kids are more important than your  ministry.  I’ve learned that the hard work I put into the ministry is soon forgotten by those in the church.  But the little things I do with my kids are forever remembered.  There are times that I’ve had to stop working on church stuff that was “really important for Sunday’s service” so that I could go outside and play kickball with Josiah, or take him to the park, or just hold Myah and make faces at her that get her to laugh.  YOUR KIDS ARE YOUR PRIMARY MINISTRY!!!  You will reach the world through them first.

4.  Enjoy life!  For those of you like me that have the constant temptation to become workaholics, print this off and highlight this step!  The Bible is clear about how we should work hard, but it is also clear that God has given us this life to enjoy!  Every now and then, do something out of the ordinary–something adventurous, challenging, relaxing….anything that you really get into that will help take your mind off of everything else that is so serious in your life.  YOU’LL BE GLAD YOU DID!


About Chris Stevens

I'm an Elementary Principal, husband, father of three, and an imperfect follower of Christ. I have eight years experience at the Jr-Sr High level and 14 years experience speaking at various churches.
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