Effective Preaching

Here are some of the comments made by the speakers at the PD Summit ’08 on the topic of “Effective Preaching“.  You might recognize the names of some of the speakers!



  • “Next Sunday about 120 million people will go to church in America.  More people go to church on one weekend in America than attend all sporting events in an entire year.”  
  • “Preaching is good for edification (build up), exhortation (fire up), and comfort (hold up).  I find I need to make sure I cover each of those over the course of a year.  So, if you have a personal preference of one of those three, over the others, you’ll emphasize that one to the neglect of the others.  We must preach the whole counsel of God.  If all you do is fire-up messages, you’ll burn people out.” 
  • “Don’t ask the question, “What will I preach on?”  Instead, ask the question, “Who am I going to preach to?”  God knows who will show up.  Ask God to help you know who you’re going to preach to so you can preach to their questions and confusion.” 
  • “There will be crisis.  If you know that is going to happen, be ready for that.  It is the point when you speak with authority.” 
  • “Humility is a declaration of dependence on God.” 


  • “Praying is more important than preaching.  My family is more important than the church.”
  • “I love to get feedback from previous messages.  I love to run my ideas through kids because they are so current.” 
  • “Preaching is passion.  If you don’t feel what you’re saying, it won’t move anybody.  When you feel yourself getting cold, fast!  I’ve found if I’ll fast, it sharpens you.  You get broken.  You get tender before God.  It will ignite the fire in you, to say what you say with great anointing.”        
  • “Refuse to become a professional.  I never want to become so comfortable with material that I don’t pray myself hot and study myself full and prepare the message through and then let lose and say, ‘Holy Spirit, I’m yours.'” 


  • “The church has to be relevant in a crises.  If we aren’t relevant in a crisis, we aren’t relevant.”   
  • “God has been convicting me, ‘Live it out at home.  Live it out at home.  Live it out at home.'”     


  • “Three are three things to do:  lead, pastor, and administrate.” 
  • “The difference between a bad sermon and a good sermon has a lot to do with you; it has to do with your intellectual preparation.  The difference between a good sermon and a great sermon is all God.  It has to do with prayer.  It has to do with your relationship with God.  Never confuse your gift from the Spirit with the fruit of the Spirit.” 


  • “When I started going to church I was so appreciative of the humor.  I noticed.  He caught me disarmed.  HE disarmed me with his humor and then I paid more attention to the parts that really mattered.”


  • “Speak to the broken and you will always have an audience.”

Tomorrow’s topic is going to be about Fellowship.  There are some really awesome insights to dig into!


About Chris Stevens

I'm an Elementary Principal, husband, father of three, and an imperfect follower of Christ. I have eight years experience at the Jr-Sr High level and 14 years experience speaking at various churches.
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4 Responses to Effective Preaching

  1. lanceandjenn says:

    I really enjoyed your post. I have recently been perusing Explosive Preaching by Ron Boyd Macmillan. He is very practical and gets us away from using the cookie cutter techniques. He also does a wonderful job with history behind preaching. Anyways thanks for sharing about the conference.

  2. lungelani says:

    please send me daily tips on this topic

  3. Sharon says:

    Pastor JENTEZEN, I have felt it so strongly in my spirit too that Prayer and Worship is more important than Preaching and that Family was more important than church but I have not been able to support it with the bible and therefore have been a bit hesitant to share it with anyone.
    I thank God for your preaching at the Hillsong Conference about ‘I preach to myself’, it has really moved me miles and I am shoutinhg Hallelujah, Jesus is with me, God is at the bottom and I have faith for this. May he continue to annoint you in the best way only HE can!!!

  4. Burbujota says:

    Deborah- I would agree, it’s not easy to be a Christian among those who know you best, but in that same way the people who know you best (the fenirds you speak of) will see your faith as something real that affects your daily living. I would like to encourage you to keep going and keep praying! It might not happen over night, but day after day they will see the love and grace if God in your life and that can be as good a witness: the witness of authentic Christ-centred living.Ally, I find it interesting to hear people’s opinions on preaching who are against it usually for ridiculous reasons! It was pointed out to me that Genesis 1 is a series of sermons: God spoke and then something happened! Proof that preaching makes stuff happen!

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