God’s Army–Part 3

Endurance, Focus, Action, and Communication are all vital parts to being a part of this army.  They don’t come easy, and people aren’t born with it.  It takes work.  And so do the final two characteristics of a soldier in God’s Kingdom. 


#5 Education–2 Timothy 2:15 says, “Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.”  People have REALLY ridden this horse into the ground when they make comments like, “I ain’t had no book learnin’ and don’t need none fer God to speak to me.”  No, you don’t need education for God to speak to you, but you need education if you plan on speaking to others about God’s Word.  Sometimes this can come through schooling, but the best education you can get is when you spend daily time in God’s Word and in books written by Godly men and women that have also been spending time with Him. 


Also, in the realm of education, stick to the stuff that really matters.  I’ve spent countless hours sitting in religious classes where people argued over the most pointless questions or issues.  Knowledge is not the end of a pursuit, but a tool used to draw more to the foot of the cross of Christ.


#6 Mentor–Mentoring is part of God’s design for the body of Christ.  Jesus showed us this through his relationships with his disciples. 

  • FIND A MENTOR–It’s important to find someone that is where you want to be.  Watch them carefully from a distance first as you can measure things such as faithfulness.  A mentor is someone that will be pouring into you.  You want to make sure they’re full of the right stuff before you let them begin pouring into you.
  • BE A MENTOR–It’s also important to be a mentor.  This means 1)  You need to live life worthy of such a position.  Being a pastor, or a mentor, for so many people have kept me from getting involved in sin that I would have otherwise given in to.  But because I knew that my fall would not just effect me, but all those who looked to me as a spiritual example, I chose righteousness.  2)  It helps give you purpose.  Everyone needs to feel that they have a place, a purpose, a reason for being.  Teach what you know.  Others are not on the level you are on yet, and they need someone to show them the way!

These qualities would all fall under the category of “discipline”.  That means it doesn’t come naturally.  But if you want to live in the SUPER-NATRUAL power of Christ, you must learn to work at each of these.  They will help you become the warrior Christ needs and designed you to be.


About Chris Stevens

I'm an Elementary Principal, husband, father of three, and an imperfect follower of Christ. I have eight years experience at the Jr-Sr High level and 14 years experience speaking at various churches.
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2 Responses to God’s Army–Part 3

  1. joep72 says:

    Pastor – I stumbled across your blog. Good comments from one believer to another. May your church body be blessed.


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