God’s Army–Part 2

#2 Action–A good soldier in God’s army realizes that talk is cheap.  The battle doesn’t belong to the guy that stays in the foxhole begging the enemy to cease fire.  Battles are won by the men that clench their weapon tightly (the Bible), swallow hard (put all fear behind), and go screaming like a banshee towards the enemy and take some ground (no embelleshment needed here)!


2 Timothy 2:5-6 says “if a man also competes in athletics, yet is he not crowned, except he competes.  The farmer that laboureth must be first partaker of the crops.”  Translation:  If you don’t fight, you don’t win.

#3  Communication–This characteristic of a good soldier in God’s army works two ways.

  • Vertical Communication–You have to be on speaking terms daily with your commanding officer.  The Holy Spirit will warn you of the enemy’s movement.  He will tell you your strategy, speak to your heart to stir up your courage, and even get onto you when you’re not lining up or living up to be all you can be.
  • Horizontal Communication–Here’s where the best directions from the commander can fall through the cracks.  Communicating the orders to those on your team is VITALLY IMPORTANT!  Sometimes, the hardest thing to do, is to share God’s Word with others with the same love, passion, zeal, and urgency that God revealed to you.  If God revealed a truth in his word to you, then He trusts that you will teach this to others using the personality he’s given you.  Communicate with others the best that you can.  Share it in a way that others will receive it and be encouraged to action!

God has an army and he wants YOU to be a part of it.  Endurance, focus, action, and communication are all important parts of being a good soldier in this army.  Next week, I’ll share the final two vital characteristics of a good soldier.  Have a great weekend, and may God visit your services in a powerful way!


About Chris Stevens

I'm an Elementary Principal, husband, father of three, and an imperfect follower of Christ. I have eight years experience at the Jr-Sr High level and 14 years experience speaking at various churches.
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2 Responses to God’s Army–Part 2

  1. jesusinlife says:

    Christian doesn’t need a war..

  2. stevensc says:

    Revelation 19:11 says: “[ The Rider on the White Horse ] I saw heaven standing open and there before me was a white horse, whose rider is called Faithful and True. With justice he judges and makes war. ” I guess war is ok sometimes…I’m speaking of spiritual war against Satan and the flesh. Thanks for the comment!

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